Use draw programs like Illustrator to create logos and illustrations but use page layout programs to set up your job. (Indesign, Pagemaker, or Quark Xpress)

Your document should be the same as finished size (ie; letterhead 8.5" x 11", business card 2" x 3.5").

Extend bleeds .125 over document size

Try using the collect for output that is included in your application.

Include all linked images.

All RGB images need to be converted to CMYK or gray scale, preferably in a tiff format.

The image should have no less than a 250 dpi resolution placed at 100% (ie. 300 dpi resolution placed at 200% equals 150 dpi resolution.)

All fonts, screen and printer (PostScript and TrueType) need be included.


Set Job options to no compression.
Embed all fonts and add .125 bleed.
No RGB images.
Min 250 dpi resolution.

Create a folder that contains the job, all images and fonts and a PDF for proofing. Name the folder with the Project Title used in you job order form.